Web expert builds Google Custom Search Engine to help all of us

Tara Calishain, creator of Research Buzz, announced her iteration of a Google Search Engine designed to search the web sites of the 50 United States. Tara must’ve spent some time, energy, and expertise, because it works like a charm. Her Custom Search Engine is another example of an end-user building a utility to help others navigate the Web infrastructure.

I covered this extensively in chapter 11 of my book UContent (2012) — check out my Custom Search Engine chapter links here.

Thanks Tara!


forgotten but not gone

I’ve been making good use of the past few days. I was able to get a couple of podcasts going using a very inexpensive microphone, audio software from Audacity (free), and my computer. I was also able to subscribe to these podcasts via iTunes and my bloglines account. So that’s actually a good thing! I’m going to add a link to the audio to this post — remember, it’s extremely crude and since I was using the free version of Audacity’s audio software, a brief advertisement was prepended to my podcast.

I’ve also been trying to configure various custom search engines. I’ve had very good luck with Google, pretty good luck with Rollyo, not so good luck with Swicki, and not so good luck with Gigablast.