Web expert builds Google Custom Search Engine to help all of us

Tara Calishain, creator of Research Buzz, announced her iteration of a Google Search Engine designed to search the web sites of the 50 United States. Tara must’ve spent some time, energy, and expertise, because it works like a charm. Her Custom Search Engine is another example of an end-user building a utility to help others navigate the Web infrastructure.

I covered this extensively in chapter 11 of my book UContent (2012) — check out my Custom Search Engine chapter links here.

Thanks Tara!


Google Custom Search Engine now includes autocompletion of queries

A couple of days ago the Google Custom Search blog announced that autocompletion of search queries could now be enabled by the search creator — a very interesting and snazzy little addition. I’ve got to go back and add something about this to the Google Custom Search chapter. See Google’s announcement here. See a quicky implementation of it here (begin by typing any letter to see the autocompletion).

day off

Dear reader, I’m “taking the day off,” as it might be said in the vernacular. Actually I worked quite a bit of the day looking at custom search engines, mashup feeds, and utilites that convert RSS URLs into Javascript. Now, however, I have asked my girlfriend to pour me some single malt scotch. She said,”All I can find is RAGGINMORE.” I said, “Bring it here…” And when she did, I said that’s Cragganmore.”

I will enter a more informative post tomorrow.

the search continues

Besides interacting with people who have questions, I think the aspect of librarianship that I enjoy the most is searching databases (and Web searching). I came upon a few custom search engine resources in Phil Bradley’s book that I have been experimenting with. And I believe that CSEs fall into the realm of user generated content (which I just discovered today is synonymous with “peer production”).

You can see my CSE page here.