User-Generated Content Fun for Eggheads and non-Eggheads alike.

Incidentally — I recently learned that “Egghead” was a pejoratve — but I wouldn’t be insulted in the least should anyone refer to me that way; I think it’s a compliment.

Whether you are analyzing the data from your observations of butterfly migration or transcribing the interviews from your ethnographic field study of punk rockers, Jonathan Feinberg invites you to take a break and chillax with Wordle. Mr. Feinberg, born in 1967, works for Google, but his interesting employment history includes writing for O’Reilly Media, programming for Microsoft, and occasionally playing drums with “They Might Be Giants” and “Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories.”

What’s Wordle?

I found Wordle while searching for information at Elsevier’s SciVerse Hub. (It’s a good thing I did. No one should be searching SciVerse Hub on a sunny Saturday.) At the bottom of the SciVerse home page was Wordle word cloud. The cloud beckoned, “Create Wordle from an Author’s Recent Publications.” The Author Wordle posted at lets you enter an author’s name and then creates a word cloud composed of prominent words from that author’s publications [this is the Egghead Wordle]. Keep in mind that in a Wordle word cloud, as with any word cloud or tag cloud, the size of the words in the cloud is proportional to the number of times the word has been used in the body of content that Wordle is analyzing.

First in the list is an Author Wordle for Professor Jennifer Hedlund of CCSU’s Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice (I’ve worked with Professor Hedlund, CCSU is my home institution):

Second up is the Author Wordle for Jaron Lanier, winner of the IEEE’s Lifetime Career Award for contributions to Virtual Reality research:

And third among the images, because it’s all in good fun, is my Author Wordle:

Wordle isn’t just for authors.
Feinberg’s main Wordle lives at here. From there click “Create your own.” Just type in some words or paste in some text – anything will work (liner notes from a CD, full-text from your favorite book, a movie review, a transcript from “60 Minutes,” etc.).

This last Wordle was created from a script of an episode of the “Big Bang Theory” (note: Raj, who frequently whispers into the other characters’ ears, apparently had very few audible lines):

Enjoy Wordle!


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