collaborative site features user created content supported by professionally created content

The 60Second Recap is a collaborative website that is suitable for ready reference with the younger crowd. Consisting of plot summaries for approximately 200 classic works of literature, the stories are distilled by offbeat, enthusiastic and erudite host Jenny Sawyer. 60Second Recap also invites users’ submissions in the “Club Recap”The Outsiders area. The only criteria are that the users’ videos must be hosted at YouTube (and therefore, embeddable at 60Second Recap), and are of a duration of one to two minutes. The user generated content on the site, which is featured in “Club Recap” is growing rapidly. One of the most recent user-generated summaries is of S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders where several fervent secondary school students recap the book. Because it is impossible to condense all that is important in any work in a minute, the summaries are usually broken into several one to two minute segments. One video segment covers plot, a separate video covers the characters, a third and fourth might address symbolism, others will cover the story’s themes, motifs, and conclusion. Great Expectations, 1984, A Streetcar Named Desire, Atlas Shrugged, and many other standard works from high school and college reading lists are presented in an engaging format. 60Second Recap is also launching a Kickstarter Campaign to keep the site going.


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