the trouble with…

In the midst of creating companion web pages to the UContent book, I encountered another sleight of hand by a major social media website. Like Google Maps, which pulled the rug out from under users who wanted to search for “User Created Maps” by eliminating that search option, Facebook summarily deleted the tabs on Facebook pages that users had worked so hard at creating and which were praised by users. For example, on a library’s Facebook page you may have formerly encountered several tabs — one for “Catalog Search,” perhaps another for “Ask a Librarian,” and another for WorldCat and so on. In October 2010 Facebook made that app disappear to the dismay of its subscribers.

Of course, this means writers who had written up documentation and information concerning Facebook tabs need to revise. These changes (another was Facebook’s dropping of the “fan” designation supposedly to make the site MORE SOCIAL) amounts to unnecessary meddling with end users.


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