self publishing

As my sabbatical winds down I find that I have two more areas to cover: 1) Web presentation sites and 2) self publishing. While searching for information about self publishing I decided to introduce myself to William Aicher, an author who has self published two books. The first was a novel called The Trouble With Being God while his latest in actually something that hits closer to home for a librarian: Starving to the Artist: How the Internet Culture of “Free” Threatens to Exterminate the Creative Class, and What Can Be Done to Save It. Bill has consented to answer a few questions about the process of self publishing. He and I seem to be at least somewhat simpatico — I saw at his blog that he recented alluded to Jaron Lanier’s You are not a Gadget. You are not a Gadget is one of my recently read and favored books.


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