a new game (of tag)

I am moving forward, and taking on a two new topics (related, of course): folksonomies and tagging. I sent a request to the LibRef-L discussion list and asked some survey-type questions about tagging. Here are the responses:

A total of 17 responses were received for the social bookmarking
survey. Thank you for participating. Here are the results:

11 individuals currently use a social bookmarking resource, 6 do not

3 individuals use the resource without the explicit intention of
sharing bookmarks, 8 bookmark for themselves and to share

10 individuals think folksonomies and tagging are “here to stay”; one
respondent said, “somewhere in the middle.”

5 individuals search the resources as they would a web search engines,
6 do not search the resources

10 individuals mentioned Delicious as their favorite resource. 1
respondent uses Read it Later (best in Firefox).

I find it interesting that there were a significant number of librarians who do not use any tagging resource (7). Of course, these surveys are totally unscientific — this list of libraries using Delicious will give you more perspective.


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