keeping an eye on facebook: paranoia or prudent vigilance?

Barbara Quint, the editor of my book UContent, is ingenious when it comes to looking at issues or topics through an alternate lens. When she brainstorms with me about a writing project, I am quick to pick up on a couple of layers of what she might be after. Then I begin researching and writing, and just when I think the project is complete I’ll get an email or telephone call from Barbara. She’ll have thought of another aspect of the topic I thought I was covering so comprehensively, and it’ll be back to the databases and Web for me — looking for new information.

If you’re remotely curious about what I am driving at, take a look at these three items. I’ll call them thing 1, thing 2, and thing 3. I plan to bring all three together in a chapter about social media and information centers. Note bene: please be patient waiting for thing 3 to download in its proprietary viewer software.


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