i wanted to, but i could not pan the pipes

The Yahoo! Pipes EditorAfter taking a look at several introductory articles on Yahoo! Pipes (and reading some of the documentation), I created several mashups with them. The first is a search of twelve librarians’ blogs using various keywords focusing on technology. I’ve also done one I call the “Searchable Library Technology RSS Feed Combiner,” which has a User Input Module (you enter your desired keywords). Yes, I realize that’s a pretty ungainly title. (If you do end up checking out the RSS Feed Combiner, be sue to supply it with some keywords to search, or it will simply show that nothing was retrieved.) The third pipe is called Computing News and searches 13 sources for technology stories — it found this one today. They all work pretty well — if you visit any of the Pipes, please take a look at how it was built by clicking “View Source.”

I was looking at this auto mashup creation engine for background information for the MashUp chapter in UContent. I think I’m going to call the chapter Manna for Mashup Creators — if you have a suggestion, let me know!


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