a census of library/librarian blogs

Although I discovered there isn’t one master list of library or librarian blogs, I think I have arrived at a list that will help most people find what is available in the biblioblogosphere. Here are the lists I used — keep in mind that there is overlap among all the lists, and there are blogs that appear on one or more lists that do not appear on others. Also, bear in mind that some blogs on these lists may no longer be updated. First you will see the list name, and then the approximate number of blogs that the list contains.

Blogging Libraries Wiki
Blogs in the Liblog Landscape (2007-2008) Walt Crawford
Blogs in the Liblog Landscape (2007-2009)Walt Crawford
Favorite blogs: list and commentary Meredith Farkas/Information Wants to Be Free
LISZEN (Library Zen Network: Wiki)
Weblogs: LISWiki


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