jaron lanier is one smart, witty, and accessible guy

Just finished Jaron Lanier’s You are not a Gadget. It’s a great, quick read, and it should resonate with many information professionals and many web surfers. If you aren’t familiar with Lanier or the book — he’s the computer scientist responsible for the term (and techonology) “virtual reality” and, while he is not (by any means) a Luddite, he is extremely skeptical of the benefits of the whole Web 2.0 gestalt.

Here’s a sample of his impervious and irrestistible logic from page 32: “Wikipedia, for instance, works on what I call the Oracle illusion, in which knowledge of the human authorship of a text is suppressed in order to give the text superhuman validity. Traditional holy books work in precisely the same way and present many of the same problems.”

He has blogged for the Huffington Post, though it looks like he is on hiatus.


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