libraries with blogs

I looked at my delicious bookmarks and I found that I’d saved a list of libraries that have blogs specifically aimed at getting feedback from their patrons. The situation this week (trying to find blogs where there is a good deal of interaction) is much better than last week. Last week I have a lot of trouble finding libraries that had wikis where patrons could participate (there are very few, and of those few there isn’t much patron interaction).

But back to the “Libraries that Blog with Patrons” — there’s the Virginia Commonwealth University Library Suggestion Blog — it gets a workout from students and general library patrons, and it’s definitely preferable to the mini golf course pencil, scrap of paper, and wooden box that you see at some library circulation desks. With a suggestion blog, a student who notices something amiss or who has a compliment can just tap out a quick message, which is preferable to walking down two flights of stairs to get to the suggestion box (which is the way it’s done at some libraries).

Here’s another blog that garners noteworthy interactivity: the Ann Arbor District Library Director’s Blog. Take a look at the number of comments any given post attracts.


One Comment on “libraries with blogs”

  1. Anita says:

    I like your comment/description/observation: “mini golf course pencil, scrap of paper, and wooden box that you see at some library circulation desks”. I laughed out loud – that is exactly what my town library has! Having read this made me go look at my town library’s website for blogs. They did offer ‘Blogs’ in their pick of links. The Blog opportunities were for teens and children books. There were 2 categories offered: “book reviews for teens reviewed by teens” and ‘Book Chats’: Kids write book reviews about books you are reading.

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