things b heatin’ up

I’ve been offline (blogwise) for about a week. In that time I have actually done a couple of things besides exploring social elements of library web sites. For example, on Friday night 2-12-10 I drove down to see my son in NYC. He directed a play called TopDog/UnderDog and it was 5 Stars!! A+++!! The two Pace University acting majors who comprised the cast were amazing. It did teach me one thing: Don’t play 3 Card Monte with Lincoln (or Booth)!

Concerning user generated content: I am in contact with several people who are opening up all sorts of possibilities to learn about and explore. For example OCLC’s Andy Havens (Marketing) sent me an excellent chart showing a timeline of WorldCat’s adoption of social features (see above). I’ve also heard that ProQuest is going to adopt several social feature within six months.

In other “news” the original user generated content provider Michael Hart of Project Gutenberg wrote to me after I asked him for a chronology of the book additions to PG. I am hoping Michael will write the introduction to UContent.


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